The core mission of the Positive Action Center is to develop and disseminate Political Theory, Organizing Paradigms and Campaign Models as a means of building a vigorous African Liberation Movement in the US. 

The Positive Action Center advances vanguard theories, paradigms and models rooted in the ideology of Pan-Africanism, the framework of human rights and intersectionality, the strategy of Positive Action campaigns and the principles of ecological sustainability.

The underlying analysis of the Positive Action Center is that Black communities are domestic colonies inside of the US and, therefore, the primary task of the African Liberation Movement is to end colonialism and build Black Power

Organizing Paradigms and Campaign Models are designed to address the unique oppression of working class queer Black women in a holistic and ecologically sustainable manner. We must, therefore, build a movement centered on and led by working class queer Black women.

The framework of intersectionality dictates that the sustainable liberation of the most marginalized and oppressed groups- such as working class queer Black women- derives benefits for every segment of the society, making the theory applicable to all.

The Positive Action Center’s initial strategic areas of intervention are Community Control over Land, Community Control over Police and Fighting Fascism.

The Positive Action Center supports liberation movements and organizations through leadership development, campaign development, political education, workshops, presentations and other interventions. Support is delivered through our Programs, including publications, essays on news and science at, the Positive Action Academy, Campaign Development, presentations and workshops.

The Positive-Action Center is a project of the Center for Pan-African Development

Due to the nature of our work product, the Positive Action Center does not receive foundation funding. Our work is produced through purchases of services by organizations, strategic partnerships and the investment of individual donors like you.

The Positive Action Center is not a 501(c)3, but please consider supporting the Positive Action Center with a donation today, administered by our partner, Freedom, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization.




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