The Positive Action Center makes Political Theory, Organizing Paradigms and Campaign Models accessible to social movements, organizations and individuals interested in deepening their analysis of the world and the scientific process of social transformation and liberation.

Recent “Movement Moments” fell short of their potential primarily due to the lack of clear analysis and objectives, the Positive Action Center is contributing to the African Liberation Movement by raising consciousness, building skills and developing leadership among individuals while promoting ideological clarity and political unity among organizations and social movements.

Pursuant to these objectives, the Positive Action Center’s programmatic focus includes:








While the sheer number of issues relevant to the African Liberation Movement is vast, the Positive Action Center is strategically focused on five (5) initial Issue Areas:

  • Community Control over Land. Empowering communities through the decommodification and democratization of large tracts of land, collectively controlled through Community Land Trusts and Co-ops tied to the Liberation Movements that made them possible.

  • Community Control over Police. Civilian boards with full control over their local police departments, including the ability to set priorities, policies and hire and fire individual officers.

  • Positive Action Campaigns. Campaigns that win by aligning campaign objectives, action logic and decision dilemmas.

  • Fighting Fascism. Building a movement to fight back against fascism and overt oppression.

  • Alternative Structures. Identifying and building alternative systems of control in order to realize self-determination and Black power.

  • Intersectionality and Interconnectivity. Understanding the links between one form of oppression and another and forging the connections between one aspect of liberation and another.

  • Human Rights and UN Interventions. Utilizing the human rights frame to understand and promote intersectionality and demand a full United Nations and Organization of American States investigation of into violations of the human rights of African/Black people in the US and UN Peacekeepers to protect Black communities and protesters from the police

  • Consciousness Raising. Exposing systemic oppression, heightening contradictions and using current events and popular culture to raise awareness about injustice and the need for liberation politics. Consciousness raising primarily takes the form of Political Education and Popular Education sessions through a deliberately designed curriculum.



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